C L A M S H E L L    B O X    F O R   W E D D I N G   S I L V E R W A R E

The clamshell box above was made as a wedding gift for a couple to their son and daughter - in - law. The box was created to hold silverware, (specifically fish knives and forks) that had been passed down through four generations. The box was covered in a navy blue book cloth on the exterior and a black book cloth for the inside. You can read more about the silverware story here.

Photo credit: Ditta Baron Hoeber


C L A M S H E L L   B O X E S   F O R   G E R M A N   B I B L E S- L A   S A L L E   U N I V E R S I T Y

These clamshell boxes were created to house the Gun-Wad Bibles. They were printed in Germantown by Christopher Saur in 1776. His father, a German immigrant, produced the first two editions which were the first bibles printed in the German language in America. The boxes were wrapped in brown book cloth with a goatskin leather label adhered to the spine and gold stamped with the title.


C L A M S H E L L   B O X   F O R   W E D D I N G   A L B U M

In August 2013 a good friend in England was getting married. As a wedding gift to the happy couple I hand made this wedding album and clamshell box. The album is bound in fair goatskin that I dyed a mauve color, with a handpicked marble paper for the end papers. The album was hand stamped with gold lettering. The box was given a three-quarter leather binding with the same leather as the album, and stamped on the spine. The balance of the box was wrapped in a beautiful turquoise Japanese Asahi bookcloth.