Bookbinding is not simply the skill of the hands. Many of the books that pass my workbench have a history and story to tell. Books that have been read a lot may have suffered wear and tear over the years and thus need to be repaired.  My aim in restoration is to keep the original appearance intact to maintain the binding's integrity. Sometimes restoring books means celebrating their history by replacing original materials with conservation grade and archival ones that will give the book structural stability for generations to come, all while taking care to maintain the original appearance. 

A typical restoration can involve repairing corners, re-backing the original spine, re-sewing signature sections back together, page repairs, leather color restoration, gold stamping (titling and tooling). In accordance with your wishes I can also create new bindings in cloth, leather or paper - if we decide this is the best treatment for your book. 

Every repair is different. I will often ask to see the book before giving an exact estimate for treatment. If it is possible to send photos, I can give you a rough breakdown of the work required to repair your book. Please visit our contact page to get in touch. I always recommend scheduling a free consultation to discuss which options might be best for you. I am happy to do this in person, over the phone, or via Skype/Facetime.